As I have recently moved into my first apartment, I have been decorating and organizing the new space like crazy. Definitely my favorite place to get nice affordable pieces has been Target. So, in this blog post I am sharing a roundup of my apartment finds that I have gotten so far!

While this isn’t one of the most glamours items I picked up for the apartment, it definitely is one of the most function-able. This is a laundry sorter with 3 compartments. It look very ascetically pleasing with its linen looking fabric and white metal, but the best part is it was only $25! Most of the other laundry sorting hampers that I found were $40+ and this one is not only cheaper, but also looks a lot better sitting out in a room then the other ones.

Another great Target find were our dishes! I had previously purchased 2 of the the bowls and 2 of the larger mugs from the set and really liked them, so were ended up getting more pieces from the same line to complete the set!

I also got this desk for my apartment and I really like it except for the fact that it says on the website that the color is “white” however, it was actually a cream when it arrived. I really like the desk, but the color was not accurate. It matches the rest of my furniture pretty well, except for the color but because of where it is in my room, and the lighting I’m keeping it because overall I really like the desk. If you didn’t need the desk to be perfectly white, then this is a perfect desk!

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