A Sucky Love Story, 10/10

So, a little background on how I started reading this book…I was watching Shane Dawson’s video Investigating Conspiracy Theories, which you should definitely watch before you read this book, because it makes you even more invested in reading the book, and I heard Brittani’s story and just had to hear more. Her book is the story of her own life and is what feels like straight out of a crazy movie! She tells all about how she met this guy, that she thought was the love of her life, until everything changed. There are so many twists, and she writes her story so well and it really informs you about paying attention to different signs while you’re dating and how she escaped her situation. I would definitely recommend reading this book!

The Last Mrs. Parrish, 9.5/10

So, the only reason I didn’t give this book a 10/10 is because it’s just a little bit slow and kind of dragging at the beginning when you’re trying to get into the book. However, once you’re invested in this story it seriously does not stop getting crazier and crazier. I love a story that has some romance, with lots of action and twists. This book definitely has all of these elements and is such an entertaining read! Amber starts the story, telling you all about her plan, and how she is going to execute it. In the second half of the book you get to hear from the side of Mrs. Parrish and you will not be prepared for what comes next the you start to hear Mrs. Parrish’s side, it was completely unexpected and had me up super late finishing the book to see what happened!

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