I’m SO excited for this holiday season! Today I’m sharing my “bucket list” of all of the holiday related activities I hope to do this season! I always love these kinds of posts when other bloggers do them because it’s kind of like inspiration for something to do over the season! Be sure to be following my Instagram stories to see updates on what things I check off my bucket list!

-Make a gingerbread house
-Christmas cookie baking party
-Take Stella to see Santa. PetCo is having a fundraiser where you can make a donation to pets in need and get a photo with Santa. I think it would be super cute and funny, but also for a good cause!
-Go pick out a real Christmas tree
-Make a hot chocolate bar
-Watch a Christmas movie by the fire
-Drive around and look at Christmas lights
-Drink a Holiday Starbucks drink
-Wear matching Christmas pajamas
-Wrap pretty Christmas gifts
-Purchase Christmas gifts for children in need
-Send out Christmas cards

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