2020 GOALS

Happy 2020!! Now that both Christmas and New Years are over I’m kind of ready to go back to Miami hence the beach photo lol! But in other news…It’s the start of a new decade and what I know will be an amazing year!!! While 2019 was a great year, I’m really looking forward to this fresh start that a new year brings! I have lots of new goals for this year and am happy to say I accomplished many that I set for myself last year! When I set my 2020 goals I really wanted the majority of them to be “numbers” or basically be something that I can say I did or not, when I reflect and check in on how I am doing accomplishing these goals. Also, I didn’t put any of these goals really into a particular order, I just kind of typed them out. So, here are my goals for 2020!

#1 — Meditate every single day.
I started using the app Headspace this year and I have really enjoyed it. I also feel SO much better after meditating but I have really struggled to do it consistently. So, this year I plan to meditate every single day.

#2 — Drink 65oz of water every day.
I always try to drink water, but I’m not very consistent. So, my goal for this year is to keep track of how much water I’m drinking. I’m thinking about looking into an Apple Watch app to track how much water I’m drinking each day.

#3 — Read 24 books.
I would like to read ~2 books a month this year, usually I read a lot during the summer, but get super distracted and busy during the school year, so I don’t always have time to read or even think about reading.

#4 — Do not use any plastic water bottles.
This goal was inspired by Julia of Lemon Stripes who started a Water Bottle Challenge where you don’t purchase any plastic water bottles for the rest of the decade. I participated in this challenge and am now going to carry it into 2020 and I plan to not use any plastic water bottles this year.

#5 — Blog more consistently.
This year my goal for the blog is to really work on posting here on the blog and my instagram more consistently! I REALLY am motivated to do this and cannot wait to see what this year holds for me when it comes to the blog! I have so many exciting ideas and I really just need to start prioritizing working on the blog over other things that are less important to me in the long run. So stick around for a really exciting year here!

#6 — Learn more Spanish.
I took Spanish for 5 years in high school and 2 semesters in college, but I still don’t really know a lot of Spanish. I downloaded Duolingo and I really want to start practicing my Spanish a lot more this year.

#7 — Have a positive mindset.
Sometimes I can think really negatively, which honestly is really annoying to me. This year I want to be really intentional about my mindset and am determined to be more positive.

#8 — Workout 3 days a week.
So this year I have worked a little more than years prior but it’s been pretty randomly. This year my goal is to make sure that I workout at least 3 days each week if not more. More would be ideal, however, I’m really trying to be realistic about this goal, so that I can be sure to stick to it!

#9 — Run another 5K.
Last year I ran my first 5K ever. Running is something that for so many years I have really feared, but this year I started doing it more than ever before, and finally this fall I ran a 5K. This year my goal is to run at least another 5K if not more and I’m feeling really motivated to get a better time and to feel more prepared when I do run it.

#10 — Set routines.
This is a super broad goal, however, it really encompasses a lot of my goals for 2020. I really want to have set routines and STICK TO THEM! Some of these include my skin care routine, hair care routine, vitamins, daily prayer, setting a morning and night routine in general. I also want to start setting up routines when it comes to doing laundry, meal planning, grocery shopping, and just setting myself up to have the best week possible. So, I am going to create new routines that I really want implement into my life this year. I will definitely be sharing more about these routines throughout the year as I set them up!

What are your 2020 goals? Comment below!!

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