It’s officially the first Friday of this decade! So, I figured I should share my first Friday Five round up for this decade! I am going to start doing these posts monthly now, I used to try to do them weekly, but I honestly just don’t always have five things that are worth sharing each week, so be on the look out for this post each month this year!

ONECarly’s Uses for Amazon’s Alexa
I am sort of geek when it comes to technology like this. I absolutely love my echo dots, I have one in between my kitchen and living room and then I also have on in my bedroom. I love seeing how people create “smart homes,” because it’s something I find super interesting! Maybe after I install some more gadgets I will share some of my “smart home” products!

TWO — Simplified Challenge
If you don’t follow @simplified on instagram you definitely should, I love their account and their planner! They are currently sharing a challenge where every day you do something to simplify your life. I love this because it’s not an all day affair, just something to help keep you on the right track and help “simplify” your life for 30 days this month!

THREE Organization Tips from a Non-Organized Person
Kate Bryan shared her top 3 organizing tips from the perspective of a not so organized person. I thought that these were really interesting, in general I would consider myself to be pretty organized in general but I still found these tips to be really helpful because they help make it easier to stay organized!

FOUR23 Ways to Get Your Life Together
I just found this post that Brighton shared last January, but I feel like it’s a great reference for this year too. As the new year begins I am really trying to “get my life together,” especially before going back to school in about a week, so I thought these tips were super helpful!

FIVE Amazon Fire Stick
So, I bought 3 fire sticks back in November because they were on crazy sale to give as Christmas gifts to my brother and my parents, and then I also got one for myself. I figured I would test it out because it had a few more apps than my now older smart tv had and it has ended up being SO nice. Earlier in the year I had thought about getting a new tv, because my smart tv that I got probably 4 years ago now, just doesn’t have all of the updated apps anymore. After getting the fire stick it feels like I have a brand new tv it’s SO nice. I also only need to use the fire stick remote (I don’t watch cable tv) which is amazing because right after I got Stella she chewed up the remote to my tv so it looks pretty gross lol!

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