Hello! Sorry for being MIA last week. We have been moving…and it has been INSANE! So, today we are back to regular content and I’m so excited! I’m going to be posting tons of new photos of my new space which will also be fun, so keep a look out for that coming soon! But, back to what this post is really about, what Elle Brooks Blog is going to look like in 2020. I am writing this post for two main reasons, the first one obviously is to let you guys know what is coming up on the blog this year, but the second reason is because I want to be held accountable to you guys in the content that I am creating for this year. So, here is what you can expect to see here on Elle Brook Blog in 2020 and also if you have any posts that you are interested in seeing this year comment them below please!

What I Wore
I want to start sharing the outfits that I really wear every week. I have been seeing this post on a lot of my favorite people’s blogs recently and cannot wait to start sharing my outfits. I’m not sure how often I will be posting these, as I re-wear a lot of my clothes all the time, so it may get a little to repetitive, but be on the lookout for this post probably at the end of this month!
Shop My Closet
I want to start sharing how to re-wear pieces styled differently and also share pieces that you are most likely to also already have in your closet by re-inventing them!
Re-wearing & Re-styling Pieces
I want to share how to re-style pieces that I have already shared in different ways and also I will be sharing pieces that I may not be able to link anymore but I will still link very similar options, so that way you can shop your own closet for something similar. This year, while I will still be sharing affordable options (read more about that below) I am really trying to buy pieces that I will wear for years instead of a trendy pieces that will be in for only one season. For example, I want to start sharing how to better style great basics that pretty much everyone has in their closet already. This is just such a better sustainable option for both your wallet and the enviornment!
Affordable Options
Some of my best purchases recently have been from Target, I swear that they have seriously been stepping up their style game and their quality seems to also be improving which is SO great! So, I also want to be sure that I am actively sharing affordable options and pieces in general.

Friday Five
I used to back in the day try to share these posts weekly, however, in 2020 I plan to do monthly Friday Five posts where I share five different things that are kind of random with you. I like being able to have a post each month where I’m really able to share some of the random things I come across that I want to share but don’t really fit in anywhere else. Here you can read my Friday Five: January 2020 post.
Photo Diaries
This is a completely new series that I will be starting, hopefully monthly, where I can round up the “unpublished” photos that don’t actually make it onto the blog. Some of these may be from instagram posts or Insta stories. Then I will also be able to share the links to random things in these posts as well. So, basically be ready for lots of Stella content, lol!
Monthly Favorites
I love sharing some of my favorite random finds from over the month, because it’s a great way to share so many different things with you, that don’t all necessarily fit into a certain category of blog post! I did these a few times randomly last year, but am going to be posting one every single month this year! Here you can checkout my 2019 favorites from the year.

Monthly Reading Lists
One of my goals for 2020, which you can read here, is to read 24 books, I really don’t read as often as I would like to start doing it a lot more. So, I will be sharing what I do end up reading each month with you. Hopefully this will hold me more accountable to reading this year! Also, because I really value the time that I am able to read, I only read books that really grab my attention and make me want to keep reading them, so be on the lookout for some great reading recommendations this year!

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