pullover (on sale!) | leggings | slippers | glasses

Happy last Friday of January! This has felt like the longest month of my life. There has just been a LOT going on. At the beginning of the month I suddenly moved one week before classes began, then I got really sick, the following week my car started overheating while driving home from class which resulted in having to be towed and spending the entire day at the dealership, and just when I thought things were looking up for the end of the month, (spoiler alert: this is kind of disgusting!!) my middle finger got caught in the door while carrying a bag outside and proceeded to rip out my entire nail and about a quarter inch of the new nail that hadn’t come out from under the skin came out too…so hopefully in what google said would be 6 months I will have a finger nail again…so yeah, here’s to knowing February is going to be so much better, or else! I just had to share what has been going on with me for one to explain the extremely minimal number of blog posts going up this month and also because if you’re going through a rough time, know I’m right there with you!

But onto much more positive things as you may have seen in the corner of the photo above…there’s a Peloton box!! Tomorrow my Peloton bike is arriving and I could not be more excited! I cannot wait to share more about it with you guys after tomorrow! I’m really excited to be able to do spin classes whenever I want, without having to leave my home. The closest real spin studio is probably 35 minutes away and they only offer classes at like 6am and 6pm which are super inconvenient for me personally. So, this should be an amazing solution because spin classes are seriously the only workouts that I actually kind of enjoy!

Next up on the life updates, you may also have noticed from this pic that I finally got the new iPhone and let me just say that the camera does not disappoint! I’m loving both the camera and my old iPhone XS Max would not hold a charge to save my life and was constantly glitching, which was obviously very annoying. I went with the iPhone 11 Pro Max in gold and I got the apple silicone case in pomegranate, you can check that out here if you’re interested!

I also started my next field placement for my education degree in a first grade classroom this week which has been super exciting! I totally wore the outfit I shared last week when I styled that Madewell pullover sweater 3 ways, you can check out that post here. I think it would be fun to share some work wear over the next few months as I wear more “professional” outfits!

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