So, I have pretty healthy hair and I think it’s because of some of the things I have started doing over the years and wanted to share my hair care routine!

First off all, what I think is the biggest thing that helps keep my hair healthy is that I only wash it twice a week. The less I was my hair the healthier it is. The natural oils in your hair are REALLY healthy for it and help to nourish your hair. I was washing it about 3 times a week but have now transitioned to a Sunday – Wednesday hair washing schedule. You do kind of have to train your hair and a really helpful way to do this is dry shampoo. My favorite dry shampoo is this Batiste dry shampoo.

I also ALWAYS use some form of heat protectant on my hair. The leave in conditioner I use, which you can find here, has a heat protectant in it, and I think this helps a lot to keep heat from damaging your hair. Another thing I always do after I wash my hair is use a wet brush to comb through it. I think that these definitely help keep your hair from getting damaged when it’s wet and are just so much more gentle on your hair. After using a wet brush I seriously cannot use any other brushes, they’re just the best!

Kristin Ess Purple Shampoo
As a blonde I HAVE to tone my hair or it will turn very brassy. I only use this maybe every other weeks, because it definitely works and once I over used it and my hair turned a little purple.
Kristin Ess The One
Signature Shampoo
I use this on all of my other hair wash days.
Kristin Ess The One
Signature Conditioner
I use this amazing conditioner every time I wash my hair.
It’s a 10 Miracle
Leave In Conditioner
Whenever I wash my hair I use this right after, because my hair naturally tangles REALLY easily so it’s great for that!
Wet Brush
I love this brush and cannot use another brush after I started using this. I have noticed such a difference in how well it brushes out my hair but it’s also SO gentle on your hair when it’s wet!
Remington Ceramic Wand
I have been using this curling wand for probably 4 years and it works SO well!

I also try to use a hair mask every other week on my hair when I wash it. I think that these help so much to really nourish and hydrate your hair. I use this instead of conditioner and it leaves my hair feeling so nice after!

Favorite Hair Masks

Amika Hair Mask
Neuma Hair Mask


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