This has been such a busy week. I got to spend a lot of this week with the kiddos I nanny during the summer because they were on break, which was so much fun! But, I have also been in school and of course Stella also had a busy schedule this week with a vet appointment (she is finally cone free!!) and a training lesson. So I feel like all I have done all week is drive all over!! I have one more week of classes and then am on spring break and I seriously cannot wait! I’m not going anywhere exciting, but I am thrilled to be able to relax for a week without school!

ONELegit Things I Wish I Had Known Sooner
Carly shared this post where she talked all about things that she wishes she had known or done sooner and I thought it was so interesting and definitely full of really valuable advice too!

TWO Laneige Hydration to Go
If you watch my instagram stories, you would have already seen this, but I got 5 travel size Laneige products that I had been wanting to try out for only $25!! It was such a good deal I had to share. I love skin care, but before I commit and spend a ton on one product I want to make sure that I will really like it, so this is a great option to test out a bunch of Laneige products if you have been wanting to!

THREE Shrill Season 2
I absolutely love the Hulu show Shrill it’s SO funny and just an all around great show to watch. I watched season 1 as soon as it came out and have been waiting for season 2 ever since and it’s finally here!

FOURCarly’s Ideal Morning Routine
Another amazing post by Carly. I love that she called this post her “ideal” morning routine, because it’s so unrealistic to me when bloggers post a picture perfect morning routine that they claim is exactly this perfect every single morning. I think I must be a little nosy or something, but I love to hear about people’s morning routines, because I also love finding ideas of things to add to my morning routine! This post also really made me want to start prioritizing my sleep so that I can be more productive and wake up easier in the mornings.

FIVE Grace’s January Book List
Grace has the best taste in reading. She reads all of my favorite categories, including thrillers, which are my absolute favorite. Anything she recommends I know is going to be SO good! I totally need to add these to my running book list!

SIX Audible
Over the last month, I have started listening to audiobooks on my way to class or while I’m cleaning or just hanging out and they are seriously such a game changer. I listen to novels for school, but also just books that I want to listen to as well. I have never really tried audiobooks until now and they are seriously so great for commuting or just listening to while you’re doing something like cleaning or folding laundry! I’m seriously obsessed! I love being able to get school work done by listening to the books while I’m driving, it’s seriously the best!

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