I’m driving quite a bit further to class this semester four days a week, so I have been listening to podcasts non-stop! I have found some great ones that I had to share because I personally am always looking for new podcast recommendations. These are three podcasts I have been listening that are all all three really different but I really enjoy listening to them for different reasons. Also, I would love to know your favorite podcast recommendations in the comments below!!

This is a true crime podcast that I’m obsessed with. I am fascinated by true crime and these two women are so good at what they do. For each main episode they each share a true crime story and tell it so well.

If you watch the vlog squad (on YouTube) you will love this podcast, if not, then probably you will think it’s SUPER weird. Jason Nash and David Dobrik host this hilarious comedy podcast that is super funny and entertaining. I literally will be driving and dying laughing listening to these guys.

This podcast is hosted by one of my favorite bloggers Grace Atwood of The Stripe and her best friend Becca. They are so wise and funny I love it! I feel like it’s a lot more intelligent than Views, because it’s not really comedy, but they’re still funny. Also, they have the best taste in books and share this on the podcast. My favorite part though is their advice or topic episodes where just the two of them share some of their own experiences and advice which is super interesting and also helpful.

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