Happy Friday! This weekend is the end of my spring break, while it wasn’t very “springy” evidenced by Stella adorably playing in the snow above, it was a very relaxing week hanging out at home, I have gotten a ton done and cannot wait to share all of the progress that I have made in my room! I have been organizing my closet, post coming soon, decorating, catching up with friends, and nannying a little!

ONE Carly’s Review of Rothy’s
So, you may have seen in my wish list post, if you missed it you can check it out here, that I have been eyeing a pair of Rothy’s recently. There’s a lot of hype around and them and I wasn’t sure if they were really as comfortable as some people claimed. But then Carly ordered a pair and wrote this review talking about how much she loved them and I think now I might have to bite the bullet and just order them!

TWO Grace Shares the Inside Scoop on Sponsored Content
This post by Grace Atwood is super interesting because she really delves into everything we as readers may be wondering about what really goes into sponsored content. I thought it super interesting and if you have ever wondered about sponsored content on blogs at all it’s definitely worth the read!

THREE Cake Pops
This past week I tried making gluten free cake pops for the first time ever and they turned out so yummy! They’re actually way easier than I had thought they would be. Don’t get me wrong they’re definitely time consuming, but not as bas as I had initially expected! I’m planning on making some for St. Patrick’s Day and will definitely share how they turn out! The link above is the super helpful post I found on how to make them, I just used a gluten free Wegmans brand white cake mix!

FOUR — On my Wish List: Steve Madden Golden Goose Dupe
I have been wanting Golden Goose sneakers for a really long time, and then Taylor, of Little Blonde Book, shared these Steve Madden dupes this week and I think they might be just what I’m looking for! She said they’re super comfy, which is something I was definitely worried about with dupes. If you have been eyeing Golden Goose sneakers, but holding off because of the price, definitely check these out!

FIVE — The Correct Order to Apply Skin Care
This is something that I am always wondering…I’m always a little unsure about which order to apply things like serums/toners/moisturizers. Grace shares all about what you need to know about the correct order that you should be applying your skin care, so helpful!

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