Closet system: After recently moving, I did not have a closet in my room, so I had to choose a new solution to store all of my clothes. I decided to go with ordering an Ikea Pax system. I ordered 2 Pax Wardrobe Frames, 3 clothes rails, and 4 shelves. It has SO much more storage than I thought it would have. I fit all of my clothes and have some room for more, which is great! I also got this runner (on clearance!!) in “natural” to put in front of the closet system which coordinates perfectly with my room.

Top shelf: I got 4 folio bin natural baskets that fit perfectly on top of the closet system.

Left top shelf: I got these large felt bins to store things. They’re super light and easy to pull down!

Hangers: I use tan velvet hangers because they take up less room and they also keep all of my clothes on the hangers, I always pick these up from TJMaxx or HomeGoods because they’re so much cheaper!


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