I *almost always blow out my hair every time I wash it, if I don’t then it ends up being a crazy, snarly, wavy mess. So, obviously I have been working on my blowout for a while and wanted to share my tips and favorite products for achieving it!

My goal is to only use a blow dryer to get this look, no flat iron involved. I try to limit the heat I’m putting on my hair so getting my hair to blow dry like this, lets me go without the flat iron!

I always start with freshly washed hair, you can read my hair care routine post here, spray in It’s a 10 Miracle Leave-in Product and then comb through with this Wet Brush. Next I apply this blow dry cream to my hair to help smooth is out – there is definitely a noticeable difference when I use this product, and it also smells SO good. Then I start by rough drying it, with the Kristin Ess blow dryer, without a brush just so my hair isn’t sopping wet. After I get my hair to where it’s just damp, I begin sectioning it, using these Kristin Ess Sectioning Clips, to help my hair dry straighter, this way I can get heat more evenly throughout my hair when drying it. I use the same wet brush to blow dry with, sort of like you would with a round brush, however, it’s SO much easier to manage than using a wet brush. Using this Wet Brush seriously cuts down on your drying time and helps my hair to dry a lot straighter!


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