Happy Saturday folks, we made it another week in quarantine! I hope you and your family are all safe and well! Today’s blog post is a list of some posts that are great distractions during these *trying* times and what is on my list to read next! I figured because the internet is being bombarded with coronavirus info 24/7 I would stay away from that in this post and instead share some great distractions from the week! Stay well!

ONE Kelly’s Beautiful Natural Furniture
Kelly shared a whole post on this gorgeous natural furniture that she has throughout her house and it’s seriously SO pretty! I have always loved the looks of things like baskets so much and now I seriously want all of this furniture in my house!

TWO Grace’s Weekly Distraction
Grace has started sharing an entire list of weekly distractions and things to do on her blog!

THREEKate Shares What Beauty Routines To Do and NOT Do At Home
From the point of view of a professional, I thought it was really important to read up on what is and is not a good idea to do at home as part of up-keeping your beauty routine!

FOUR Brighton’s List of At Home Self-Care Ideas
My self care favorites have included many of these over the last few weeks. I have especially loved keeping up with pedicures (unfortunately if you read an older life update I posted you may know that I lost my entire finger nail a few months back so now manicures for me right now!) at home, because I always have enjoyed looking down at my toes freshly painted and happy!

FIVE On My List To Read
I just shared my March reading list on the blog earlier this week, and now wanted to share what’s on my reading list now! I am currently reading Into the Water and so far it’s interesting, but hasn’t really grabbed my attention just yet. I am also currently listening to the audiobook Regretting You and it’s pretty good but I have just barely started it, so we will see! On my list after I finish these books are The Wife Between US, Uninvited, and (FINALLY, I have been meaning to read this for a while!), You Are a Badass.

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