I feel like my room is never really going to be done, so I decided to share my room even though I feel like there are potentially things I might still change at some point. I tried to link everything I possibly could in this post!

I tried to go for an “airy” feel to the room. I think lighter weight curtains would have helped with this a lot, expect my room is ground level so for privacy reasons I went with blackout curtains. I love white and tan together so I pretty much stuck with that color combination throughout the entire room, along with some gold and black accents. You will also see that I have a lot of natural baskets, I love using these to organize, because they give off a natural-earthy feel and are still functional, while looking great!

Bed frame, throw pillow, and the best sheets.

Toy basket, ottoman – TJMaxx, and black flower carving is form an antique store

Large pillows, commuter, and full length mirror are from TJMaxx

Night stand, lamps, and baskets

Dresser, printer stand, circle mirror, and vanity mirror
You may be wondering why I have a Dyson ready to go? Well, my sweet baby Stella somehow trashes the floor every single day, so I have given up on putting it away at this point!

Tray and coasters

Floor lamp, baskets, knit blanket, shelves, chair – TJMaxx

Desk, essential oil diffuser, desk chair, Stella’s bed – old from Target, wall hanging – TJMaxx, Peloton bike

Shop my whole closet setup.

Stella’s dishes

Runner, bandana coming soon…

This post is not sponsored, some links are affiliate links, all opinions are always my own.

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