So, technically as of last Wednesday I am done for the semester! However, I am actually taking THREE summer classes, which has come as quite the surprise to me because I had thought I was perfectly all on track until my advisor meeting this spring…so I will be taking to psychology classes and also an art class online this summer from May-July. For right now, blogging and online summer classes are pretty much what my summer is going to be consisting of. So, yeah I’ll be working from home for a while now, and I have also been doing so much online “browsing” and yes definitely some shopping to, so in today’s post I’m sharing a roundup of some of the really cute and functional home office items I have come across.

Tape dispenser and stapler
Weekly notepad
Sage notebook
Gel pens
White scissors
Bulletin board — this is like my perfect color scheme…I might need this if I can figure out where to put it!
Lemon screen cleaner – I think I’m definitely going to order this because right now I’m using my screens WAY more than normal so this seems essential!
White pens
Pen cup

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