Blue light glasses, leggings, Apple Watch, top – old Free People

So…I’m currently taking 3 online classes, 2 of which are 7-week classes, that are cramming the same material as a 14-week class and the other class is only a 4-week class and it’s also cramming in the work of 14-week class. So, I’m pretty busy school wise over here right now. Which is why I thought that I would share some of my best tips for getting work done and being productive at home! Usually my tips would consist of going to a coffee shop to get out of the house and find a new place to work, however, at least here in NY that’s not quite possible yet, so here are my at home productivity work tips!

Probably one of my best tips, is to make your bed every. single. morning. I think for me working in a clean and tidy space in general just makes me so much more efficient, because I don’t have the excuse, “oh I should clean this and then get back to work.” There is no excuse I need to just get to work. I also just love the look and put-together-ness of a made bed.

When I’m struggling to focus after working for a while, one of the best ways for me to re-center and be prepared to get back to work with more focus is to do a 5-minute mediation. I use the HeadSpace app and I looooove their guided meditations. I just feel so much less distracted after completing a meditation and it really works wonders for my productivity.

Take meal breaks. I love a good snack, but when I’m working and mindlessly eating, this really has no positives. I think that by taking that snack break or lunch break I am just so much more productive when I come back because I have been able to hit pause and focus completely on eating and then I can come back to work and focus completely on my work.

I think that staying hydrated is another super important thing to do for a number of reasons, but when it comes to productivity, nothing slows me down more than a headache and I get them a lot when I’m not well hydrated. I try to bring a filled water bottle to my desk to start working no matter what, because being hydrated and not having a headache will make me so much more productive.

Speaking of headaches…I have found blue light glasses to be super helpful to avoid that screen headache and eye strain. I got these ones from Warby Parker back in April and I noticed such a huge difference in how strained my eyes felt after working consecutive hours on the computer, and haven’t been getting screen headaches.

What are your tips for staying productive while at home?? Pleas let me know in the comments because I am FOREVER looking for better productivity.

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