I have been wanting to create a hat wall to store/display all of my cute summer hats and because of quarantine, I FINALLY had the time to get it done! It was super simple too, I just used clear large command hooks to hang each one up!

I REALLY wish I had taken a before photo of this spice/medicine/baking cabinet in the kitchen, but I completely reorganized this entire cupboard and it turned out SO well! I got the three risers and 2 turn tables all from the container store and then I got all of the bins on the top shelf from Target! I love how it turned out! It still looks pretty much exactly like this, which means this system is working pretty well!! Also, it’s just so much easier to find everything now that it’s so much more organized!

This was moments before Stella finally got her quarantine hair cut! Isn’t she the cutest?! But thankfully she was finally able to get her hair cut because it was getting SO hot!! And her nails were like little razor blades so I’m glad those finally got done too! After her haircut she looked like she dropped 10 lbs!!

Stella’s first time going in the pool…it was too cold for her and she immediately wanted to get out!

She was BEYOND precious after she got out snuggling with me though.

Stella and I going out for a walk! I can’t believe I used to be able to carry her in one arm and do stuff at the same time, like I could carry her and run the vacuum!! Crazy, because now I can barely hold her with one arm and take a photo!

I updated my bedding a little bit! I got a new quilt from Target and also another sweater blanket from Target which is like my favorite thing ever! It’s also perfect to help protect my white bedding from Stella’s paw prints and all of the other messes she tends to track onto my white bedding!

Stella went on her first little road trip to visit my Aunt and cousin!

She was so precious and snuggly pretty much the entire ride, I could not believe it!!

She stayed so content and happy during the longer car ride, it was amazing. She is just so cute!!

I finally was reunited with two of my college besties for dinner and drinks!!

It was SO exciting to finally catch up with them and actually be out!

I think Stella is more of a pool float type of girl…she was MUCH more content floating around than she was actually in the water with me!

And last but certainly not least, here’s a not perfect photo of Stella and I after I was FINALLY able to get my hair done for the first time since January!! I got a couple of inches chopped off and my blonde brightened up and I could not be happier!!

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