In today’s post I’m giving you a little OG what’s in my bag, but also I wanted to show you all of my bag essentials, most importantly how I organize this giant Madewell Zip-Top Transport Tote!

What’s in the bag?

Just floating around…I have the following pouches, a reusable bag, and my sunglasses case (currently I have been wearing these Tory Burch sunglasses).

Inside Zipper Pocket…

Here I put my keys, an extra mask, my Invisalign case and my card case, that way I can grab all of these items super easily!

Inside Sonia Kashuk Clear Pouch #1…

2 travel makeup remover wipes, tampon, Summer’s Eve wipes, rubber bands (because that Invisalign life!), tissues, altos, Norwex rescue gel (for headaches), deodorant, band-aids, flossers, extra set of contacts, Clorox wipes, wet wipes, and of course extra disposable masks.

Inside Sonia Kashuk Clear Pouch #2

In the smaller pouch, I keep things that I need to be able to grab quickly, including: hand sanitizer, Advil, Excedrin, lavender essential oil rollerball, hair coil, eye drops (for allergies!), sunscreen, and Burt’s Bees lip balm.

How I organize my bag?

In this post, I also really wanted to share how I organize my tote too! This method also makes it super easy to switch between bags, but importantly I’m able to find the things that I need in my bag with ease! The way I set everything in there is kind of like “filling it.” I file in all of the pouches going the same direction, that way they are never on top of one another so you can reach them more easily.

Shop what’s inside…



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