Happy Sunday! So, I honestly haven’t really shopped at Abercrombie and Fitch in years, besides this one silk tan I got last fall and I ordered quite a few different pairs of shorts from them and wanted to share the ones that worked out for me! Also, Abercrombie is currently having a 30% off sale too!!

I struggle SO much with trying to find a pair of shorts that actually work on me it feel impossible. But, I had gotten a lot of recommendations from different people to try Abercrombie, which I honestly had not really thought much about since high school, but I had struck out pretty much everywhere else, so I decided to give it a shot. I found one pair that are basically perfect, and found a few others that fit pretty well too and had to share!

I have already worn these and they are so perfect! I really like the length and especially how they fit in the waist! I tried all of these items on for a video on my Instagram, so for a better look at the fit, be sure to check it out!

Curve Love Mid Rise Boyfriend Short
This was my absolute favorite pair! They fit well in the waits, are still a little roomy in the thighs and are the perfect length in the back!

Curve Love High Rise Mom Shorts
I really liked this pair too, they were just a little short on me for what I like! I really liked how they fit other than the length though and they were stretchy!

Mid Rise Boyfriend Shorts
These are SO similar to the first pair that I love, they’re just a little more distressed I would say. The fit seemed pretty similar overall though. These may have been a little less fitted in the waist.

High Rise 4″ Mom Shorts
I think these were just a little too much for me, between being high waisted and being longer, it was just kind of a lot going on and did not look the most flattering on me.

Square-Neck Knit Bodysuit
I have already worn this because it’s seriously the perfect top! I can wear a bra under it, because the straps are thick, which is a huge win and it’s thick so you can’t see through it!

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