Happy August! I’m back with now my third photo diary to share with you!

Sadly, we lost our family pup Sampson (or Sam as I always called him) last Friday. We got to love him for the last 13 years and he was truly the best good boy. I love him so much.
Onto much less saddening things, I visited a few local wineries with friends for a wine tasting and it was so fun!
Stella has learned how to climb up on this shoe bench by our back door and needless to say it’s hilarious!!
I have been spending as much time as possible floating around on this gigantic unicorn float!
Although it’s cute, obviously, it’s also super practical because you don’t tip off easily and you can stay dry if you want to! Which the majority of the time, I want to!
I made Stella this adorable gingham bandana!
And lastly, I went out to dinner with my bestie and if you know me, there will be no surprise that I got a marg, because they’re my favorite!

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