Where has the summer gone? I go back to school in TEN DAYS?!?! I feel like I haven’t been up to much this summer, however, it has seriously flown by! I cannot believe I will be starting my senior year of college so soon!

In today’s weekly roundup I’m sharing SUCH GOOD FINDS! Please be sure to leave me a comment if you check any of these out and let me know what you think!

A few weeks ago, my allergies were really bad and I had to drive while wearing my regular glasses because my eyes hurt too much for contacts…this was so insanely painful and irritating for such a little thing and after my eyes tearing the whole way, squinting, developing more wrinkles as I drove, this lead to me finally order prescription sunglasses! I got them about a week ago and I have been LOVING them! I have a pretty strong perscription, so even in the morning if I’m just running out really quick I have to put my contacts in or I won’t be able to see, it’s so nice to just throw my sunglasses on and run out the door! They are super nice, comfortable, and I love the shape! I did the virtual try-on and the shape was super accurate I love them!

I’m sure if you’re from or have ever visited the Finger Lakes you know that wineries are a pretty big deal here. Well Lakewood is one of my favorite wineries located on Seneca Lake and their Bubbly Catawba is AMAZING! It’s sweet without being too sweet and is such a great sparkling wine! It’s so perfect especially for summer! It comes in both cans and bottles too! If you can’t visit them, you can also have their wine shipped to you! Or you know because we’re in a pandemic, another great reason to have wine shipped to you, am I right?


I have been wearing this dress non-stop! I now have it in two colors: black and camo and it’s seriously the perfect summer dress! I love that it’s comfortable and can be dressed up or down, and it washes well, especially for only $20!!

I already shared these on stories yesterday, but had to share them here too! My friend and I ran into Old Navy a few days ago and found these great adjustable ear loop face masks. They come in packs for 5 for only $12.50! The patterns are super cute too! I will be wearing masks everyday going back to school, so grabbing these was great!

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