Happy Labor Day! Today I’m sharing a quick review on the Apple Watch Series 5. I originally had the Series 2 with GPS, but back in December I decided to upgrade it.

What apple watch do you have?
I have the Apple Watch Series 5 40mm Gold Stainless Steel Case with Cellular.

What bands do you have?
I have the Gold Milanese Loop which is the gold band that actually looks like a fancier watch band. I also have the Stone Sport Band. These are the two that I wear the most, I wear the sport band to workout or whenever I’m just wearing athletic or comfy clothes, and then I wear the gold band whenever I’m wearing regular clothes, which has not been as often since the pandemic. The other band that I have is the Black Sport Band which I honestly don’t really recommend, because it’s more of a charcoal grey color, not actually black, so I don’t wear this one very often.

Does cellular really allow to just leave your phone?
Yes and this is the best feature of having the cellular plan. If I forget my phone, which I often do, I can still get texts or calls and I can still make calls or send texts which is really handy. I also really like this feature because I can take Stella on walks without brining my phone.

Can you listen music or audiobooks without your phone?
Yes, but you must have the music or audible book downloaded. Music can only be downloaded from Apple Music and not Spotify, so also keep that in mind, I didn’t know this and I tried for so long to figure out how to download music and started googling and found out that you cannot download music from Spotify to your watch. For guidebooks I use Audible which has been pretty easy, you just had to download them specifically to your Apple Watch ahead of time. I went out for a walk with Stella the other day and I didn’t realize that I hadn’t dowloaded the audiobook I was listening to and once I got far enough away from my house it just stopped working. So to download audiobooks through Audible all you have to do is go into the app on your phone and then in the library click the … button and sync to you watch.

How do AirPods work the with Apple Watch?
I think having AirPods makes having an Apple Watch so much more useful. It’s great because now with cellular you really can just leave your phone and still listen to music or audiobooks. You just have to connect your watch and you’re good to go! I especially love this for going on walks or working out, because you don’t have to bring your phone with you. I just recently got the AirPods Pro let me know in the comments if you would like to see a full review on those!

Do you have an Apple Watch? If so, what is your favorite use for it?

This post is not sponsored, but does contain affiliate links.

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