So, if you don’t know, I don’t generally wear much makeup at all. I’m not sure why, I absolutely love skin care so I would personally rather focus my efforts on my taking care of my skin. I also am just not the best at doing my makeup and I don’t have time. So, in today’s blog post I am sharing my everyday makeup routine, including a review of the newer Supergoop! CC Screen.

Before I share my makeup, I want to quickly say that the only thing on my face when I start my makeup is this Tula moisturizer and the Tula glow eye balm.

So, for the first step of my makeup I put the Supergoop! CC Screen all over my face with my fingers, like you would any tinted moisturizer. This I have noticed looks a little odd when you first put it on, but it adjusts slightly to your skin tone and ends up looking so nice and glowy, which I totally need in the winter! It covers up the mask acne that I currently have really well too! It also evens out my skin tone so nicely while still looking pretty natural and of course glowy!

Next, I lightly apply my under eye concealer. I have loved this Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer for years. It cover really well and never looks dry under my eyes! I apply this using a campy Beauty Blender. After I apply my under eye concealer, I will go in a do my eyebrows. This is SUPER simple. My brows are pretty full, and I don’t like having fussy brows, so all I use on them is this Milk Brow Gel I got recently and have been really liking! The only trick I have for this is that I start my brushing the front of my brows upwards to keep them looking thicker and fuller!

Finally, to end off my makeup I will apply some bronzer, my go to for years has been this Benefit Hoola Bronzer! It’s just the best color and so easy to use!

Checkout my Instagram to watch exactly how I do my everyday makeup!

This post is NOT sponsored, but does contain affiliate links.

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