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Happy Saturday! I’m back with another weekly roundup sharing some recent finds and favorites! Over the last week I really have lost track of time so I don’t really even have anything to update on like I normally would in this post, but hope you’re having a great weekend!


I found the cutest teddy puppy pillow from Pottery Barn this week and I am seriously considering ordering this because it reminds me of Stella!

I finished watching the NXIVM documentary on STARZ and it was insane! Very interesting and had so much information it was crazy because I really don’t remember hearing anything about this cult before! I think cults are terrifying but at the same thing really interesting so, if you’re into that this documentary is definitely worth checking out!


I have been seeing Blundstones a lot lately on Instagram and I am kind of obsessed I think they would look so cute yet are also practical…but they are $200 so I haven’t been able to make the plunge! I think they would look so good with both jeans and leggings.

In this blog post Carly share about collecting ornaments for that represent your year and I love that idea and am definitely going to be doing that over the course of this year! The ones she collected were SO cute! If you collects unique ornaments where do you get them? Please comment below I would love recommendations!


This puffer jacket is SO cute and I love the red color too! It also has really good reviews too if you’re in the market for a new puffer jacket!

This post is NOT sponsored, but does contain affiliate links.

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