Right before I was about to hit publish, I realized this was my 100th blog post here on ElleBrooksBlog which is kind of crazy! I’m so excited you’re here and cannot wait to keep sharing more with you here on the blog!

But, going back to basics today on the blog I am sharing a go to winter outfit for me this year! I haven’t really been “dressing up” much this winter because honestly the most exciting thing there is to do is go out to dinner, which I love, but that pretty much is the most I get dressed up at this point! So, today I’m sharing a more laid back outfit that I wear all the time when I want to look a little more pulled together than leggings and a sweatshirt because trust me lately that’s how I look 99% of the time!

These Spanx faux leather leggings that everyone is obsessed with are actually SO good! I love that they look more put together than just leggings, but they’re are still comfortable! I love how they look paired with my favorite Rothy’s sneakers and this Aerie sweater is SO cozy and is currently on sale for 40% off! I’m also carrying my favorite Madewell Medium Transport Tote which has been my go to for months! It’s big and can carry a lot of stuff without being a full on tote!

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