I feel like I honestly don’t have any idea what to post here on the blog right now…so today I’m just sharing a little life update!

I am currently home with no classes this week, my school has basically hit “pause” for the week and then we will be going fully online for what they recently announced will be the rest of the semester. Fortunately I have taken quite a few online classes before, almost one every semester, so I kind of have an idea of what will be going on.

I honestly don’t know what to post on the blog right now…last week I pretty much kept up with regular content, but on Monday it all just kind of hit me. My anxiety has been SO high during this time and as someone who is already quite anxious it’s been pretty intense. So, comment below any posts you would like to see from me in the upcoming weeks. I think I am going to take a hint from a lot of the bloggers I love to follow, and just keep sharing pretty regular content with you all for now!

I also wanted to take an opportunity to share what I have been up too…I am trying my hardest to practice social distancing and really have only been leaving to take Stella on what have turned into some really long daily walks. Just getting out of the house has really helped me to keep my sanity. You can see us pictured above walking at the lake for almost an hour! It feels so good to just get outside, which experts are saying is probably the only safe thing to be doing right now.

Another thing I wanted to share in this update sort post are some of the posts from other bloggers that I have read that are really helpful during this time where we are all experiencing huge transition to social distancing and just home life in general:

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