So today I’m sharing my first very first ever photo diary. I wanna start doing this every once in a while as a way to gather up the photos that I don’t share on the blog, because they are necessarily part of a post that I’m sharing or on a certain topic, but are just me documenting my life! I also have shared a lot of these over on my Instagram, if you’re not following me, I would love to have you! I post Instagram multiple times a day on my stories and almost everyday to my feed, but a lot of that never sees the light of day on the blog, so I wanted to start sharing more my dad-to-day moments on here and I also wanted to be able to link stuff or share in more detail than I can on Instagram! So, without further explanation, here is what my last couple of weeks has looked like!

If you didn’t see my post last week, I made the BEST EVER gluten-free and dairy-free chocolate chip cookies! They turned out SO delicious that when I shared I was making them on InstaStories, when I got questions later for the recipe I had to make them again the next day because there were none left to take a picture of!
Stella has been absolutely loving riding in the car with the windows down, it’s SO cute!
Our local flower shop opened up and it’s absolutely gorgeous!
I gave Stella a hair cut a little while ago, because her hair was getting knotted really easily and she could barely see…I’m not sure it’s the best haircut she’s ever gotten…but I guess it could have been worse ?
My sister and I went to Chick-Fil-A to grab my favorite – their lemonade – and it did not disappoint!
My mom made the BEST gluten-free bread that I have literally ever had! I think I’m going to share the recipe soon!
I went hiking with my family and Stella would not cooperate for a photo…so here’s what we ended up with!

What have you been up to during quarantine? Let me know in the comments below!

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