LIFE LATELY 10/19/20

So, I know I really have not been posting on the blog over like the last month life has seriously been SO crazy! I have been posting a bit on my Instagram as always, make sure you’re following me @ellebrooksblog

My senior year of college is INSANE! I am taking 16 credits while also managing 210 hours of field placement, between the two they take up about 90% of my time, which obviously leaves very little time to be doing anything else!

As of a week ago today, I have had Stella, my puppy, for an entire YEAR! I cannot believe how quickly time is flying!! Here are some adorable photos! She is SO much bigger now!

October 12, 2019
October 31, 2019
September 1, 2020

For even more adorable Stella photos checkout my highlights on Instagram! There are SO many cute photos and videos! So much has changed in just one year! I remember Stella did not sleep through the night for what felt like an eternity…but she was only 6lbs the tiniest little thing I could carry her everywhere! Getting Stella was the best decision I have made she is the sweetest little pupper!

2 replies on “LIFE LATELY 10/19/20”

Hey I was on a DSW ADD and There’s ur blog!! It a current Photo of a rusty camel brown long coat… looks like a wool trenchcoat?The picture is I thought it was you and less it’s just a post from your blog a blonde with jeans the coat and black shoes from DSW I am I’m really trying to locate a coat like that in that color specifically with the single Lapel….? Is this not on your blog it’s funny I thought you were the model to anyway I really love this coat I’ve search the web I don’t wanna pay 500 there is an app called boo-hoo they sell similar coats but I want something like this I just wanna reach in the add and pull that coat out😂❤️👍🏼 By the way I love your stuff is super cute I canceled my Instagram so I only saw your blog by a DSW add anyway very cool thanks


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