1 — Stella
Probably the thing that made this year the most amazing was getting my sweet baby girl puppy Stella. You can read all about getting her here.

2 — Alfapark Milano Blow Dry Cream
This hair product has improved my blow outs SO much! I am going to be doing a post in the next week about my hair care routine and exactly what products I use for blow outs, but this is by far my biggest game changer for sure!

3 — Adidas Ultra Boosts
These sneakers are actually the most comfortable I have ever worn. They are literally the only shoes that I can workout in without my feet hurting, I cannot recommend them enough!!

4 — Lululemon Ready to Rulu Pant
This is my most worn clothing item of the year and definitely my favorite. I seriously cannot stop wearing them, they’re SO comfy and not too heavy. I love comfy clothes and these are by my favorite thing to wear and be comfy in.

5 — Echo dot
I got an echo dot a little before I moved into my apartment, and I am obsessed. I have one in my bedroom now and one in my kitchen because I use it for everything. I use it with the security system, to play music, to set timers, to wake me up every morning, and I just got an outlet adapter so soon I will be turning my lights on with it. I love these kind of geeky tech gadgets, they’re just so cool to me!

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